​We work together to offer a wide array of services for all types of clients, from individuals and small business owners, to larger organizations. However, anyone can appreciate the instant rapport and commitment to provide quality service s of our staff. If you’re looking for a blend of skill, experience and good, old-fashioned Texas hospitality, you’ll find it right here at Florette E. Spires, P.C. Please feel free to drop by our office or contact us at your convenience for an initial consultation, or with any questions or comments you might have. We look forward to getting to know you soon.

About Florette E. Spires, P.C.

Call Today: (361) 358-8449

Call Today - (361) 358-8449

Established in 2000, Florette E. Spires, P.C.

is committed to meeting the highest

standards of accounting practices.

Our network of referrals continues to grow, as word travels fast in the local community and beyond.  We are staffed with a CPA, a Bookkeeping Specialist, and several Tax Preparers.